Authenticate with Instagram

In order to show Instagram feeds in streams you have to generate an Instagram Access Token and put it on Plugin settings page. You can use built-in feature to authorize with our app and simplify things.

Important Instagram API update. Your action is required! If your version of Flow-Flow is below 2.9 download the latest version of plugin and re-authorise Instagram on Flow-Flow settings page. Learn more

Method 1. Authorize via our app

At this moment following method works with PRO version only.

  1. On plugin’s admin under Auth tab in Instagram section find Authorize button.
  2. Click this button and authorize our app.
  3. You will be redirected to admin where you will see newly created token.

Using this method you can authorise on the fly through our client ID and get access to both personal and public content.

Method 2. Use or generate own token manually

You can still insert your own token if you already have one. Or create your client through Instagram Developer website. According to recent changes on Instagram API everyone has to send their App for review that is much pain. And in our experience you won’t get approve from Instagram staff.

Anyways you can still use your Instagram client in Sandbox mode in order to catch 20 the most recent posts from your personal Instagram account only.

Method 3. Use plugins to get tokens

Try to use other Instagram plugins to get token that allows to stream public content. We don’t have confirmation about this but you can try using free Instagram feed plugin for WordPress. Please report if it works. Thanks!

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