Authenticate with Linkedin

In order to show LinkedIn feed on stream, you have to generate Client ID and Client Secret and put them on Plugin settings page. You have to be admin of page you want to stream, that’s Linkedin requirement.

Register new Linkedin App

  1. Head over to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Click on Create Application.
  3. Enter all required fields. You can use dummy info except Website URL. Enter URL of website where you want to use plugin.
  4. Hit Submit.
  5. Copy Client ID and Client Secret from next page to plugin’s admin page under Auth tab.

Getting access token

  1. Head over to API console.
  2. Choose OAuth2 in Authentication drop-down.
  3. You will be redirected to sign in screen. Sign in with Linkedin.
  4. Now choose the first method in the list of API methods. If the list is not visible click grey area on the right edge of a screen.
  5. Click Send button on the right.
  6. Now you see URL in Request section.
  7. Copy token from URL above starting after = and ending before &format=json (don’t include & in token).
  8. Paste token in Flow-Flow admin.
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