Issues with big number of feeds or “Feeds cache is being built” message

Average server should be OK to load about 10 streams with 1-10 feeds in each. Basically we recommend to keep feeds number below 100.

If you’re experiencing updating issues it usually means your server can’t handle amount of data that is needed to be requested and processed for each stream. Another reason is that you have error feed that prevents plugin from updating content correctly

Possible solutions

  • Troubleshoot each feed which has error status and resolve issue
  • Decrease Load Last value for each stream if you have a lot of feeds in it especially because plugin loads Load Last x Number of feeds posts.
  • Increase Cache Lifetime  accordingly in order to lessen load on server
  • Be sure your server Cron working OK. Article
  • Try to decrease feeds or streams number if possible.
  • Upgrade your hosting plan.
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