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10 ways build a social media wall with Flow-Flow

Advertising over multiple social media platforms is the best way to maximize your reach. A social media aggregator can make this process much easier. Get the advantage of flexibility and control with Flow-Flow. This social media aggregator gives you the ability to consistently deliver fresh, relevant content to your visitors on a regularly basis.

Whether you are trying to create awareness about a cause, promote your brand, sell products or engage an audience, Flow-Flow can help you do it. The benefit of using Flow-Flow is that it’s easy to use, affordable and completely customizable. With it you can:

  • Show content to your fans and followers
  • Display feeds from live events
  • Show content from the community (local news, weather etc.)
  • Host live Twitter parties
  • Show news feeds on a specific topic
  • Build displays for tradeshows (via the Big Screens addon)

These are just a few examples. The beauty is that you can play around with the settings to make a unique stream. There is lot more you can do with your social streams to increase your ROI. The user interface is easy to navigate and there are lots of display options to configure in the settings. Power users can add their own CSS to get even more functionality. Below are 10 ways that you can build a successful social stream with Flow-Flow.

Hashtag Marketing Campaigns

Flow-Flow provides you with some powerful aggregation tools for hashtag campaigns. Once a hashtag catches on, it spreads like wildfire. When used correctly they can be a huge part of your success. It’s a double edged sword though. Make a silly move with your hashtag campaign and you’ll end up doing damage control.

Aggregating content across multiple social networking channels can give your campaign the wings it needs to fly. Hashtags give people the ability to categorize their own posts, making it easier for other users to find the content they are looking for. Hashtags are also useful to deliver news, especially for users who aren’t going out of their way to find it.

Create your own hashtags or use a trending hashtag to distribute content. By creating your own hashtag, you can create awareness and reap most of the benefits. One good example of this is the #icebucketchallenge hashtag campaign ran by the ALS Association. The ice bucket challenge went viral quickly and the ALS association was able to raise over $100 million for their cause. Alternatively you can use a trending hashtag to reach your audience. Many brands have used this strategy successfully to raise awareness and resources for their campaigns.

Create a Social Hub to Promote Your BrandStarbucks-Hub

Flow-Flow is a great way to establish your brand identity. You can create a buzz by giving people a consistent experience across multiple social media platforms. By displaying your brand’s content from different social media channels, you can reach a wider audience, including those who may not be on a specific channel yet.

Consolidate your media brand marketing efforts by displaying a wall containing all of your brands feeds in one easy to access place. Post the latest links and updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or any other supported social network. This makes it easy for visitors to see your content from different networks without having to leave your site.

By pulling content from all your social media channels, you can keep people on your site and increase your chances of conversion. Consider engaging the audience with a hashtag campaign or a giveaway contest.

Use Ads & Branding Extension to Post Custom AdsAds & Branding Example

If you have surfed the web lately, you may have noticed a trend of “inline ads.” Many consumers, myself included, aren’t big fans of intrusive ads. Some ads are annoying and take away from the browsing experience. Inline ads, also known as banners, are ads that are displayed inline with app content.

Display inline ads directly in your social stream with Flow-Flow. With the Ads & Branding Extension, you can earn money with Flow-Flow. Use Google Adsense to run a pay-per-click campaign, promote your brand or market affiliate products.

Get Ads & Branding    Live Demo

Create a Foursquare Feed for Your Business

Foursquare is one of the very best social networks for location based businesses. Let your customers do the talking for you. Post your favorite reviews from people who love your business. This kind of free PR is a huge asset. It’s a very cost effective way to show potential customers what it’s like to do business with you. Try it out market places like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafés etc. With Flow-Flow, you have complete control over how and when the posts display. You can filter out any unwanted posts.

Build a Personal Social HubSocial Stream Modern Wall Example

With so many social media accounts to keep track of, having your own personal social hub can be very priceless. You can build unlimited feeds with Flow-Flow. Why not make one of them for your own personal use? Get all the news, stories, tips and tricks you love to view without the fuss. You can use you aggregator to follow posts you are interested in without having to login or switch from app to app. Get access to your hub from anywhere to view your favorite content.

Testimonials Feed

According to the Beatles, money can’t buy you love, but switch love and money around and it becomes a true statement. Your clients, fans and followers can be valuable assets. Many people like to share the love when they enjoy your product and/or service. With Flow-Flow you can take that love to the bank and cash it. When someone sends some positive feedback through Facebook, Twitter or any other social media networks, you can use it to build your reputation. Share those posts on your custom social stream so everyone can see how amazing it is to do business with you.

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Put Your Stream on the Big ScreenBig Screens Addon Example

Add your stream to the big screen with the new Broadcasting extension for Flow-Flow. This is a real attention grabber at tradeshows. Go big with your social stream. Engage your audience with a huge display and drive user interaction by casting your social stream directly to TV, HDMI broadcast or a projector. Remember you have complete control over the display. Filter out feeds you don’t want to see, pull relevant feeds and style the display to fit your brand.

Get Broadcasting    Live Demo

Stream Instagram PhotosInstagram Feed Example

Share all your Instagram photos and videos with Flow-Flow. Instagram is great for engaging your audience as well as advertising. For many businesses, especially those starting out, Instagram offers advantages over Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to build a large following, you can use hashtags and it’s super easy to use. Flow-Flow can help you customize the display of your feeds like in the picture shown above. Make it all your own and create a buzz with a custom Instagram hub.

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Showcase your portfolio on your website

Having a visual portfolio is a must for graphic designers, illustrators, artists, writers and other people who work in creative fields. A social hub connecting all your profiles to one place is a great addition to your portfolio. Let your work do the talking and let your potential clients or employers know that you are savvy with social media.

Even if you aren’t looking for a job, you can’t go wrong by putting up a social media portfolio. Consider streaming all your work from Dribbble and Instagram or connect your Google+ profile to the stream. By creating a professional social stream to showcase your work you will definitely be ahead of the curve. This is just the kind of edge you need to stand out from the crowd.
Stream news from a WordPress blog or any other RSS

That’s right, RSS feeds are still one of the best ways to get news from all around the web. You can create an interesting social wall with relevant feeds to satisfy your readers’ appetites and keep them coming back. Take any RSS feed and add it to your stream. Using Flow-Flow as an RSS aggregator is a good way to create sticky content. Keep your visitors interested by adding the best content from their favorite news outlets and blogs.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Connecting people with your brand is an incredibly powerful way to leverage social media. If you have any sort of social media presence, Flow-Flow will definitely give it a boost. Once others see that consumers are into your brand, they will follow suit. With Flow-Flow you can build custom social streams to tell your story, engage customers and keep people interested. For those building streams on their website, social streams are a great way to keep people browsing on your site longer.

Increase your productivity while you save time and money. You will find that Flow-Flow offers you an affordable way to get the most out of social media. Try any of these 10 strategies to unlock your true social potential. Do you know of any other useful applications for a social hub? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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