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Rise of Influencer Marketing and Creators in Stats

Influencer marketing and user-generated content have become essential terms in the modern world of business and advertisement. Just in five years, an influential type of marketing has grown from a joke to one of the basic strategic trends. Influencer marketing…

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Social Stream, Wordpress Instagram Feed

Boosts — Cloud Service for Flow-Flow

HELLO, FELLOW USERS! Back in the day, social networks integration with WordPress sites was easy. Everyone could create tokens to access networks API to pull variety of data and embed it on site using theme widgets or plugins. Then networks…

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Instagram Feed On Website, Social Stream Plugin

Support for new Instagram API by Facebook

HELLO, FELLOW USERS! Instagram (owned by Facebook) has decisively shut down its old APIs. The good news is that our development team implemented the new Instagram Graph API in Flow-Flow and passed Facebook’s review process. To access API you will…

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Instagram Feed On Website, Social Stream Plugin

Important changes to Instagram authorization

HELLO, FELLOW USERS! Due to Instagram's accelerated deprecation of its old APIs and migrating to new unified Facebook-Instagram API, we implemented new temporary authorization flow for Instagram integration in Flow-Flow and Grace plugins. Currently plugins CAN work without tokens but…

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Flow Flow, Content Aggregator

Flow-Flow 4: New Layouts, Scrollable Lightbox and Important Facebook Changes

Just a quick update on the release of a new WordPress version and its features. We also have some important information about Facebook platform changes and their influence on Flow-Flow. Please check details below.

First, we want to inform you that we have changed our approach to feature releases. Now we would rather do many small updates than one big major update. This way we can make many features available earlier for you. So, here is our current roadmap:

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