Meet Flow-Flow!

Flow-Flow builds stunning social wall for your WordPress website or blog in a minutes. Unite all of your social feeds with this premium social media stream plugin for WordPress.

Key Features

WordPress social stream by Flow-Flow is fast, powerful and user-friendly. You can expect a ton of options to customize the design and behavior of your social media wall.

All Popular Social Networks

And their number is growing (based on popular requests).

Highly Customizable

Change any aspect including colors, card width, margins, design templates etc.

Smart Server Caching

Social wall loads almost instantly. No need to load data every time.

Responsive Design

Reacts to swipe motion for sliding on mobiles.

Multiple Feeds & Streams

Add as much social feeds to any of your stream as you need.

Smart Image Caching

Images size is calculated on server and grid is built one time without layout updating.

Social Sharing Buttons

Drive the interaction and user involvement!

Content Moderation

Exclude posts by word, username or URL. Protect your grid from trolls and spam!

Lightbox Galleries

Display images in a lightbox with attractive animations with smart media preloading.

Are you interested to try? You can test drive a free version of Flow-Flow: WordPress Social Stream Plugin. Or continue scrolling to learn more.

Multiple Social Feeds

First of all you can create multiple socials walls on your site. The best thing of all is that you then add as many social feeds as you want. Mix and max networks or add multiple social feeds.

For example, you want to include in one stream 3 Twitter account feeds, 1 Twitter hashtag feeds, 2 Google+ account feeds and 5 Facebook feeds. Easy!

Design Flexibility

Flow-Flow provides great customization options for styles and designs. Enjoy the many beautiful and professionally made layouts Flow-Flow has to choose from.

For a start you can choose between two predesigned layouts. After that you can easily change and style any element on card. Basically you can fit social wall design to any WordPress website.

In-depth Interactions

Everything is clickable, sharable and sortable. Click to load more, to share, to open in lightbox or in a new browser tab etc. Enjoy beautiful and interactive social stream on your WordPress website.

Interaction Feature

Social Wall Filtering

Filter your social feeds by social networks or use live search.

Interaction Feature 2

Social Sharing

Share content from your stream as easy as one-two-three.

Interaction Feature 3

Everything is Clickable

Click on any element like author, date, any content link, card itself.

Responsive Layouts

Responsiveness is a must feature nowadays. So there is no surprise Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream is responsive and works well on mobile devices. The plugin supports swipes for sliding on mobiles as well. We are working on more mobile features and improvements. Stay tuned!

Ads&Branding Extension

Promote your brand with custom card design and earn real money by placing ads on social wall with brand new Flow-Flow plugin extension.

Make it sticky and always show any custom content: your brand info with links to social profiles, custom advertisements or third-party advertisements like Google AdSense, any announcements, event promotions and whatever you think of.

Learn more

Social Feeds to Stream

Stream as much social feeds as you need on your amazing social media wall.

Facebook Feeds

Any public page with public posts, public groups, public albums.

Twitter Feeds

Home timeline, user feed, search including hashtags, user lists, user favourites.

Instagram Feeds

Home timeline, user photos, hashtag photos, liked photos.

Google+ Feeds

Any public profile.

Pinterest Feeds

Public user or board.

SoundCloud Feeds

Public playlists.

LinkedIn Feeds

Company updates and jobs (only for admins).

Foursquare Feeds

Location tips, location photos.

Vine Feeds

Public user feed, user likes, search by tag.

YouTube Feeds

User, channels, search, public playlist.

Vimeo Feeds

Public videos of user, album, channel and like feed of user.

Flickr Feeds

Public user photos, photos by tag.

Tumblr Feeds

Photo posts. More to go!

Dribbble Feeds

Public posts of user, likes of user.

RSS Feeds

Any valid RSS feed.

WordPress Feeds

Blog posts, comments, posts of specific categories, comments of specific post.

More Feeds to Go!

We add new feeds and social networks constantly. Stay tuned!

Compare Free and Pro

We provide free version of plugin with the most popular social networks included. And a solid pack of free features. Get ready for advanced functionality? Switch to PRO then.

  • Social Networks
  • Design Layouts
  • Number of Streams
  • Types of Feeds
  • Smart Caching
  • Responsive Design
  • Shortcodes
  • WPML Ready
  • Content Filtering
  • Pre-moderation
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Lightbox Galleries
  • Filters & Search
  • Load More
  • Pagination
  • Easier Authentication
  • Regular FREE Updates
  • Fast Premium Support
  • Extensions
Free Version
  • 4
  • 1
  • Unlimited *
  • Only User feeds
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎

*Though plugin can create unlimited streams, it depends on your server specs how many it can afford to maintain

PRO Version
$29 (one-time)
  • 14 (+WP Posts & RSS)
  • 11
  • Unlimited *
  • All
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎

Enjoy the Quality

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