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How To Build Perfect Facebook Feed On WordPress

How to Build Perfect Facebook Feed on WordPress

WordPress Facebook Feed can be your perfect social stream. But where to begin the path to a successful social stream? In this article we will describe in detail how to set up Facebook Feed on WordPress. We will start from the moment of installation of the Flow-Flow plugin and finish with the tips for choosing a specific content for your unique social media wall.

You do not require special knowledge in web development, design and social media marketing, to create the perfect Facebook feed on WordPress. Flow-Flow will do all the hard work for you, and you will only enjoy the perfect result of this plugin. If you are ready to create your WordPress Facebook feed, then it is time to start this exciting journey!

Configuring Flow-Flow for a Facebook Feed

Configuring Flow-Flow for a Facebook Feed

As we have said, there should be no difficulties in installing and configuring the Flow-Flow social plugin. But just in case, we offer you detailed manual about Flow-Flow installation.
Configuring the plugin is also very simple and will not take much of your time. Here is a detailed guide for novice administrators on the WordPress platform:

  • First visit Auth tab in Flow-Flow plugin menu.
  • Find Facebook Auth Settings item and set the value of No for Use Own App parameter.
  • After that, the field Access Token will be filled automatically.
  • Go to the Feeds tab and click the button Create Feed. Select the Facebook icon in the window that appears.
  • Then you can add three types of Facebook Feed: Facebook public page, Public group page or Public album. Enter the ID of the corresponding community or album page to add content to your feed.
  • You can further customize the refresh rate of the stream and the number of displayed posts in your wall. You can also enable pre-moderation, which will let you pre-approve or reject certain publications from the feed.
  • Once all the options are set, click the Add Feed button. You can add an unlimited number of Facebook public pages, groups or albums using the Create Feed button.
  • When all the feeds are created, you should just collect them into a single stream. This feature is available on the Streams tab. Click Create Stream button and add the prepared feeds.
  • You can edit the settings of already created stream. You will be able to choose the design of the various elements, or even add your custom CSS to make your stream really unique.
  • The final step is to add a shortcode, which you will see on the Streams tab in the last column. Here you can copy the shortcode and add it to an already existing page with the content, or on the new page, which will be devoted exclusively to your social stream.

Types of Facebook Content to Stream

Types of Facebook Content to Stream

So, you have a choice of three options: Facebook public page, Public group page and Public album. But what is the difference between these options and what content is best to use in social stream? Let us consistently sort the things out.

Facebook public page is the official representative for any social networking business. This can not only be representative of specific companies, but also any page for selected products or services. For example, the Star Wars space saga has a public page, in spite of the fact that it is not an official company (although a studio of filmmaking is). The advantage of such sites is their official status. Most truthful and current news can be obtained here.

Public group page is moderated user community by interest. There often appear fan arts and constantly supported discussions of various issues related to a specific product or service. These pages are no longer a source of official information. Their advantage lies in the constant updating via user generated content.

Public album is a repository of images on a specific topic. Such albums always belong to a specific public page or group. Albums often are moderated and are filled with an official and user generated content mixed. The advantage of using them in the social stream is a good level of drawing attention to the targeted audience through new images on a particular topic.

Facebook Streaming Limitations

As you may have noticed in the preceding paragraph, we do not touch the personal Facebook pages and hashtags. Unfortunately, Facebook administration bans broadcasting of content for personal Facebook pages and hashtags in social streams. Such a ban is justified by safety measures and prevent unauthorized access to personal data to these elements of social network users.

We hope that in the near future, Facebook experts will find an alternative way to protect the data of users at social networks and the ban will be removed. But until then, Facebook API doesn’t allow to broadcast personal pages content and hashtags, and we can do nothing.

Reasons to Use Facebook Feed on WordPress

If you want to promote your own brand in social networks, the Facebook Feed on WordPress is just what you need. Start by creating a Facebook public page for your business and secure the success by using Public group page, where your interested audience will be able to freely share their opinions. After that, you can easily create and configure the social stream on your website, which will be very popular among your target audience.

If you have just started your way to success on the WordPress platform, the beautiful and informative social streams will help you to get the original content for interested audience. Pick up some of the most interesting public pages and groups on Facebook on your topic. They allow you to broadcast interesting content in addition to which you are creating at personal pages of your website on WordPress.

Remember that we live in a booming society where all the important news first appeared in social networks. Ignoring the possibility of communicate with your target audience in Facebook will be extremely short-sighted.

Key Features of Flow-Flow

Key Features of Flow-Flow

Flow-Flow Social Stream plugin provides the ability to quickly and easily build a unique and stunning social wall for your WordPress website or blog. Even during the installation and initial configuration of the plugin you will surely notice the excellent level of customization that is available for your stream.

CSS Style Settings allow you to influence the look of the Stream in all aspects. And you do not need your own CSS and learn to write code to properly display elements social wall. In addition, Flow-Flow automatically optimize any social stream for mobile devices and different screen resolution of users.

Pre-moderation feature will be liked by those who do not want to let their social stream to chance. Full control of all publications becomes available by activating the pre-moderation of posts on your social wall. All other settings are also intuitive, even for newcomers to the WordPress platform.


Use the Flow-Flow plugin to efficiently build your Facebook Feed on WordPress and the result will not take long. Visitors to your site will certainly appreciate all the advantages of a comfortable social wall to keep track of their favorable social activity.

Remember, with Flow-Flow you can combine together in one stream not only feeds from Facebook but from all other popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube and so on. Create one stream and unite all your social activities under one beautiful social wall!

We wish you to continuously develop and improve your project on WordPress using the most effective and user-friendly social plugin – Flow-Flow!

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