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Pin to Top and Add Engaging Call-to-Action Elements to Any Post of Your Social Stream

Good news for all subscribers of Boosts cloud service: we have added unique features for the creation of tailored call-to-action elements within your social streams! For those who do not know about Boosts and its features — you are welcome to catch up with the latest trends by means of this post!

Essentially, the latest update of Boosts cloud service for the Flow-Flow Social Stream plugin is dedicated to promo tools. In other words, you are now able to add engaging call-to-action elements and pin posts to the top of the stream to promote certain posts, products, links, pages, etc. And all these features are now available on your social walls!

Example of animation for CTA button and likes in actual stream

With latest trends by major OS to block tracking and targeted ads we definitely will see rise of marketing alternatives to pay-per-click advertisement. Anything that helps to promote your brand/content is becoming more valuable. Let us observe the main features of the newest Boosts update and some examples of their implementation.

Why use Promo Tools of Boosts

The social streams you create with the Flow-Flow plugin are powerful tools to create social proof and use its potential for marketing purposes. Here are some examples of Boosts promo tools usage you can easily implement on your social walls for the sake of your marketing needs.

Blog posts

For example, Instagram posts of every business account usually relate to certain blog posts which have more information on the corresponding topics. Although Instagram itself blocks the opportunity to place links to your blog inside the posts, with Boosts, it is not a problem anymore.

Now you can add tailored call-to-action buttons to each Instagram post inside your social stream. With this feature, you can promote certain posts or link all of your Instagram photos to blog posts you would like to share.


Small business tends to use Instagram as one of the main platforms to advertise products and services. Would not it be nice to give your potential customers an opportunity to proceed to your store right after they see an interesting product within your social stream?

Boosts cloud service for Flow-Flow is the easiest way to add links to your online store from social feeds. You can only provide such an opportunity to your customers if you use social streams from Flow-Flow and call-to-action elements from Boosts.


If you are using hashtag feeds to display social proof on your website, it’s good integrate sales funnel into them. Make user-generated content work for you. Flow-Flow promo tools allow you to easily link each post to the products mentioned in the testimonial.

Upcoming features for Boosts will enhance UGC usage possibilities even more. Automation and ways to show product images (think Woocommerce) are on our roadmap. Along with Mentions feed for Facebook and Instagram and Reviews/Events feed for Facebook.

Portfolio / Personal Brand

Showcasing the examples of your work is also a great idea for personal marketing purposes. Flow-Flow and Boosts are the tools you will need to share links to your work samples right from your social streams.

Since portfolio items work very similar to any products or services advertised within social networks, you will receive a powerful tool to promote your skills and experience with Flow-Flow and Boosts.

Link in bio

Use the link in bio option at its full potential with Boosts cloud service! You can gather all promotional content in one social stream and then place the link to it within your Instagram bio.

After that, you will be able to use all the mentioned above features of call-to-action elements inside your social stream and direct your potential customers wherever you want — to blog posts, pages, products, and so on.

How Boosts Cloud Service Works

The Boosts cloud service is an extra tool for the Flow-Flow Social Stream plugin. You can use a free trial for this extension or buy a monthly subscription to use all the exciting features at once.

The features of the Boosts cloud service can be activated through feed options. After the Boost activation AND enabling moderation (individually for each feed), you will see the Pin and CTA buttons for every post on your social feeds. These buttons are your tools to turn on and fine-tune the corresponding features. All elements utilize micro-animations to increase its visual appeal.

TRY IT RIGHT AWAY: A 5-day free trial for any subscription to BOOST service is offered for all users in PRO version. You can also redeem coupon EARLYADOPTER30 on checkout to get 30% OFF of the first month.

Now, let us observe the promo tools of the Boosts cloud service, which you can implement within your social streams.

Pin post to top

This feature stands for the purpose described in its name: you can pin any post of your social stream to be at the top of your feed.

User interface of pinning posts

The main purpose of this feature is to promote one or more Instagram posts related to products, blog posts, or links you wish your potential customers see first of all.

CTA buttons

Call-to-action buttons are the main tools for the promotion of your products or services. You can place these animated buttons right on the post of the social stream or within a lightbox that opens up after clicking on the post.

CTA button on card opens lightbox that has own button

A CTA button on the post of the social stream is good for attracting customer`s attention and can lead both to a custom link or a dedicated lightbox. Lightbox-CTA is perfect for product or blog post promotion (with a direct link).

All buttons can be customized and have a unique Instagram-like animation to attract the users` attention to your promoted products or posts.

Likes indication

Likes indication is a perfect tool for creating social proof for your products and services. Moreover, the animated likes indications attract more attention of potential customers to certain posts that promote dedicated products or services.

Pulse animation to attract visitor’s attention

Most importantly, you can combine all the mentioned features inside of your tailored social streams. Different marketing goals will require different variations of features to use. Luckily, you will have all the needed tools with Boosts.


The Flow-Flow Social Stream plugin enhanced with the Boosts cloud service is your unique opportunity to create a perfect marketing tool for your business purposes. Imagine all the opportunities of social proof empowered by the call-to-action features of Boosts! Try a free trial of Boosts in the PRO version! Make sure your plugin base version supports latest features, you will need Flow-Flow PRO 4.8.4+

TRY IT RIGHT AWAY: A 5-day free trial for any subscription to BOOST service is offered for all users in PRO version. You can also redeem coupon EARLYADOPTER30 on checkout to get 30% OFF of the first month.
For more information please check BOOST service product page.
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