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Support for new Instagram API by Facebook

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Instagram (owned by Facebook) has decisively shut down its old APIs. The good news is that our development team implemented the new Instagram Graph API in Flow-Flow and passed Facebook’s review process. To access API you will need to obtain token by connecting to our Facebook app under AUTH tab in Flow-Flow/Grace settings. This token will be used for pulling BOTH Facebook AND Instagram feeds.

Since new API is meant to be used by businesses, Facebook company set new requirements for working with its new API for Instagram. You will need to do next steps to use official API.

  1. Switch your private Instagram profile to a business profile. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process. On your mobile Instagram app, go to your profile, tap the menu icon in the top right and then the settings cogwheel in the bottom. Scroll down until you find the “Switch to business account” option. Don’t worry you can hide business category on your profile.
  2. You’ll then also have to connect your account to a Facebook business page (create one if you don’t have) for it to work. You can do this directly when switching to an Instagram Business account or you can do it later under Settings > Linked accounts.
  3. Then you can connect to our Facebook app under AUTH tab on Flow-Flow setting page confirming all needed permissions.

With requirements there are also new limitations for official API:

  1. Only possible to pull feeds of Instagram Business and Creator accounts
  2. Hashtag search is limited by 30 hashtags per week. However same hashtag can be pulled and updated infinite times.
  3. No location feeds available currently via official API.

If you have any questions please contact us here


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