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Flow-Flow Broadcasting Extension Full Guide

Big screens are more and more used for advertising and attracting attention. Text messages, videos and other interesting content formats allow companies or communities to express themselves in front of a huge audience of mass events. Social walls now also come to the big screen thanks to a unique Extension for Flow-Flow Social Stream Plugin!

You might constantly think about increasing the popularity of your website or blog on WordPress platform. If you already use the Flow-Flow Social Stream Plugin, then you know that it can significantly increase the involvement of the audience in the life of your site. With the help of social streams, you can create thematic feeds from various social networks without additional skills in web development or design. You do not even need to update the connected social networks by yourself. If you choose a popular thematic community for your social stream, the content will be automatically updated with its activity.

Today we will look at a way to reach a new level of social streaming, and will consider the most popular cases when the Flow-Flow Broadcasting Extension can be an indispensable assistant for your web project. Sooner or later you will need such a possibility, so it is best to familiarize yourself with it now.

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Flow-Flow Advertisement & Branding Extension Full Guide

Advertising is one of the most important elements of the site. Advertising allows each project to develop and motivate its creators to expand the project in different directions. On the other hand, advertising often pushes the readers` distraction.

The optimal solution exists. Advertisement & Branding Extension for Flow-Flow Social Stream Plugin is the best way to gently and beautifully place advertisements that can bring real profit. Consider placing an ad unit in your social stream today because tomorrow you may lose significant profits due to the fact that for this time you have not established an attractive ads on your WordPress website or blog.

Let us consider in detail the features and capabilities of Flow-Flow Advertisement and Branding Extension. To start, we will show in detail how to create and display ads from Google AdSense in your social stream. Then, we will learn the example of the creation of a custom ad unit, in which you can promote any product, service, page or post of your blog.

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