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Envato Elements News: Subscription for WordPress Themes and Plugins with Sale!

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Envato Elements is a subscription based platform, which provides its members with various useful items for website development. But until the nearest day it has been focused on providing its users with design elements like unique fonts, slide show pics, 3D art works, graphic templates and demo pages with the design for different CMS.

From the 15th of November Envato Elements has widen its assortment significantly by means of WordPress themes and plugins. These are the great news for every WordPress admin who wants to develop his or her project in a permanent basis. Other amazing news contains a big discount for the subscription. Find out the details for the deal in this article!

How to Get WordPress Themes and Plugins on Envato Elements

First of all, you should pay attention to the following rule: WordPress themes and plugins are available only on the basis of annual subscription. But the deal is really profitable for any WordPress admin: with annual subscription you get an unlimited access to all themes and plugins available on Envato Elements. It means you can download and use 132 plugins and 306 themes available on Envato Elements for now. And the number of items will grow constantly!

What Discount is Available for the Annual Subscription

We have already mentioned about the discount for annual subscription required to use all variety of Envato Elements` items. And the amount of this discount is huge: -33%! From November 15 at 02:00pm (AEDT) till November 29 at 02:00pm (AEDT) you can buy annual subscription for Envato Elements only for $228.

With the present 438 items you pay less then $2 for each. But do not forget, that Envato Elements constantly expands!

Which Advantages Has Envato Elements

Three things are worth any WordPress admin’s attention: the price of the proposal, the sales platform convenience and the correspondence to the latest web development trends. The conjunction of this factors gives a WordPress admin the confidence in the right choice of the sales platform. Fortunately, Envato Elements covers all of these demands!

As we have already mentioned, the purchase of annual subscription brings you an opportunity to use tons of WordPress themes and plugins just for one fair price. You would not have the possibility to by each WordPress item you want for $2 (or even cheaper, as the Envato Elements platform evolves).

The convenience of Envato Elements platform can be seen by evaluating the categories structure of this service. Here you can find any theme or plugin by its compatibility with any of the popular tools or services. It is now pretty easy to find a WordPress theme with WooCommerce support or a WordPress plugin with MailChimp integration. And these are only the examples — the real opportunities are truly unlimited.

The correspondence to the latest trends is gained by Envato Elements within the frequent updates of the assortment. You would never feel yourself overboard the WordPress trends because the newest themes and plugins will appear at your sight as soon as they are ready to be used. And through them the latest trends speak with the WordPress community. The most exciting is the absence of any additional payments for all this new and evolving WordPress products.

Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin — now on Envato Elements

Flow-Flow update 31

The great example of a modern and useful plugin which you can obtain through the Envato Elements platform is Flow-Flow Social Streams. As one of the most trending and popular item, Flow-Flow stands in the first ranks of WordPress plugins which are already available within Envato Elements.

Hurry up to get Flow-Flow and tons of other useful WordPress plugins and beautiful WordPress themes on Envato Elements with 33% discount!

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