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Flow-Flow Social Stream Is Now Available for Shopify

Flow-Flow Social Stream remains the best seller among the competing plugins for WordPress since 2016. But is it the end of the story? Of course not! We are now presenting Flow-Flow for the Shopify platform. This was one of the most popular and desirable update our users have requested. And we are happy to announce that Flow-Flow comes to Shopify because it also means the further development of the plugin in all directions and aspects.

This update brings a new step in Flow-Flow`s development story. From now on it is not only a WordPress plugin but a global multi-platform project that aims to ensure any website has the opportunity to add social stream without problems. And these news are very important for online store who often like to spread their influence into lots of platforms.

Let us now observe the main features of Flow-Flow which are vital for any online store despite of the platform it uses. We have gathered the most interesting opportunities you need to add to your online store with Flow-Flow, if you have not already done it.

How Social Networks Help to Develop a Business

A common mistake of an online business owner is to think that social networks are just for fun and have nothing to offer for a serious business. Maybe this point of view was right once upon a time (in the early `90, for instance). Now social networks are the main sources of targeted traffic and real customers for your business.

So, there is a crucial need to present your business in social networks, if you want to compete in the modern marketing world. Creating your branded pages, gaining fans, their attention and trust — these are only the first steps, not the final goal. After those steps you need to somehow convert your social networks` fans to your customers and advocates of the brand (in a perfect scenario, of course). This is where Flow-Flow Social Stream comes to the play.

Flow-Flow gives you unlimited opportunities to stream social media content within your website. It means, you can create your either testimonials` wall, or product gallery, or news and reviews feed, or events schedule, or all of that combined and flavored by your unique ideas. And it works for more than 13 social networks with a wide variety of feed types — absolutely amazing and mind blowing!

Let us now show you some examples of social streams working for the sake of your business online. These are only the most obvious examples but they are verified to work smoothly and effectively for the most types of online shops. The examples involve 3 of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook Social Streams


Facebook is the place where most people look for true testimonials on a product or service. It means you have a perfect opportunity to gather users` feedback for your business development and users` testimonials for your business promotion.

Flow-Flow not only allows you to gather Facebook users` comments but also to premoderate them to get rid of the bad ones. We are sure you do not want to show bad reviews as your advertisement inside the social stream. That is why Flow-Flow provides you with both automatic and manual moderation tools. These tools ensure you will bring only the good testimonials for your social wall that serves as the additional promotional tool for your service or product.

You can also gather testimonials and reviews not only from your branded Facebook page but from any open community inside the social network. And again, moderation tools will allow you to to separate seeds from chaff and set up your perfect branded social wall.

Instagram Social Streams


Instagram appears to be the most fast-developing social network nowadays. Instagram is often seen as the entertainment network for the most part of users. This feature only makes Instagram more attractive for business owners because it means people there are open to your messages even if the advertise something.

There are two of the most popular ways to build your effective social wall based on Instagram: public account and hashtag sources. It is worth mentioning that you can use any public account within Flow-Flow Social Stream, not only your branded one. The moderation options will secure that you put only the desirable content inside your Instagram social wall.

With Flow-Flow you can gather all the mentions of your brand around Instagram by means of hashtags. This content can include testimonials, reviews or just photos of users with your products or while using your service. All these Instagram posts will work for the sake of your brand awareness and new customers` engagement.

Twitter Social Streams


Twitter is another perfect source of testimonials and reviews on your products or services. Twitter users are encouraged to write their opinion on any matter or subject, that is way product reviews can be found here very often. The most interesting Twitter feeds are hashtag and like feeds.

Twitter hashtags will allow you to gather information from all around the social network, just like in Instagram. But here you can get both media and text content generated by users (while Instagram provides you mostly with photo content). Twitter like feeds provides even more opportunities: you can enter the name of your account and transfer all Twitter posts you mark with likes to your social stream automatically.

Take the Next Step with Flow-Flow

The mentioned above examples are just a glimpse of all the opportunities Flow-Flow provides you with. Social streams can promote your online business, engage new customers, increase brand awareness and form your testimonials base nearly automatically. Your presence is only required if you want to moderate your streams manually (which is however recommended for the better effectiveness of your social network advertisement campaign). Check out all the features of Flow-Flow for Shopify with free 7 days trial:

Free Trial

So, there is no reason to delay gaining all the possibilities Flow-Flow ensures for your business. The plugin will develop further to provide you with even more surprising and mind-blowing features in the nearest future!

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