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Boost Feature for Flow-Flow [2 MIN READING + POLL]

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Hello, fellow users!

We are actively exploring ways to improve your experience with Flow-Flow PRO by adding feature we call internally BOOST. To make it short main idea behind this feature is to add possibility to host selected feeds and its data in our dedicated, highly optimized cloud storage and serve data directly to your site visitors without bothering your server (aka making requests to our cloud instead of your server, including all computing).

Through the years some of our customers experienced issues due to their hosting environment, whether it’s database or Cron or hosting restrictions or whatever. We want to add premium option to make feeds server-agnostic and host them on our dedicated cloud hosting. (PSST, there is bonus for Instagram users, free proxy for boosted feeds to avoid Instagram rate limits and guarantee constant updates). Unlock more speed and put your feeds performance to next level, even on simplest hosting plans. That’s what we call BOOST. Check potential UI below:

It’ll be subscription based feature as all these clouds and infrastructure maintenance cost money. Of course we will include honest margin of profit which in great part will be invested in product future development. We understand that WordPress ecosystem usually consists of subscription-free products but you are still doing subscription for hosting and domain anyway, can’t hide from this nowadays. We are planning this because social networks are here and not going anywhere soon and we thrive to optimize and streamline solutions we offer to our awesome customers. Please notice, self-hosted feeds will remain default and completely free in plugin.

No more words, let’s vote:


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