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Flow-Flow 3.0 Major Update – New Features Overview

Meet the Flow-Flow 3.0 Major Update! With this update we present you a number of new features that will please both new users of the plugin, and those who have already managed to assess the main advantages of Flow-Flow Social Streams.

All updates are aimed at improving your comfort, and a variety of plugin performance features are available to customize your social streams via Flow-Flow. We have tried to take into account all the wishes of our customers to provide the best performance.

In this article, we will examine all the new features of Flow-Flow 3.0 and the opportunities that they provide for users of this plugin. If you have not bought Flow-Flow, you will be able to appreciate the new benefits and make the right choice of the plugin for social streaming.

Auto Updater

Any update of the plugin can now be installed in a few clicks, without downloading and unzipping the files manually. Visit the Plugins section in WordPress admin panel. Locate Flow-Flow in the plugins list.

If your version is not the last you will see a message about the possibility of upgrade. Provided update will be downloaded and installed automatically after clicking on the Update Now link.

There is also no need to remove the old version of Flow-Flow plugin to update functionality to the latest version. Now updates become extremely easy!

New Layouts

Flow-Flow 3.0 has 3 different layouts to choose from: masonry, grid and justified. Now you can choose the style that works best for your site and meets the requirements of the target audience from your social streams.

Take into account that you can use various social networks in a social stream, regardless of the type of layout. This feature opens up broad horizons for experimentation with a variety of social networks and layouts.

Let us take a closer look at each of the suggested layouts.

Masonry Layout

Masonry layout was present in previous versions of Flow-Flow plugin and is well-known by experienced users. This type of layout is similar to the feed of Pinterest and can include images of different heights. The width of each element is determined by the number of columns, by which your social stream is divided into.

Masonry layout can be called a universal type of placement for elements in the social feed. It is not demanding a specific format of images, so allowing you to share a variety of content in a single stream. This option is perfect for social walls on broad themes.

Fixed Height Layout

Fixed Height layout features simple format and perfectly symmetrical design for any social stream. This effect sought by the fixed width and height of all images and elements in the social wall. Elements of grid layout look well-chosen by each other segments of the same structure.

Fixed Height layout is perfect for social streams with a certain type of content. For example, it may be the work of artists of the same size or different news posts, or video film industry announcements for new products. A variety of options is very large, even for such a strict style.

Justified Layout

Justified layout is the most flexible solution for the placement of elements in your social stream. A good example of justified layout is the display of images in Google search results. A key feature of this layout is a fixed height and arbitrary width for any image.

Justified layout is best suited for social streams with mostly entertainment content. For such social walls it is reasonably important to accommodate large amount of images in various formats. A justified layout to cope with this task better than other types of layouts.

Card Builder

The possibilities for customization of each card in your social stream come to a new level. Previously you were only available to choose the common styles, but now you can configure the order of all the elements of the card: text, image, title, author, social counters and other. This feature is available through an easy drag-n-drop editor.

This approach allows you to create a truly unique social wall, even if you do not use personal social accounts, but popular community or public pages of other users. With new capabilities for setting up by Flow-Flow Card Builder, you can focus on those elements that are considered as the key ones to your audience.

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

The settings for displaying your social stream on mobile devices have been significantly expanded. Now you can independently determine the number of columns and the width of the padding between them for display on various screen sizes. Thus you can adjust the optimal display of your social wall on big and small screens independently.

Social Activities Counters

Social Activities Counters are now available for display in each card of your social stream. This means that visitors of your social wall will immediately see the rating of a particular post in the feed and will be able to assess the extent of its distribution through the network. Such indicators often motivate users to participate in discussions and to assess the post by themselves.

Please note that the social activities counters are made in authentic style, that meets the definition of a social network. This gives your website visitors the possibility to immediately differentiate the positions of the different social networks in form of the cards` appearance in your social stream.

Performance Update

We have worked hard to achieve the best performance for your social stream in th web. Updated Flow-Flow is faster so you do not miss any potential reader on your WordPress site. This result has been achieved by improving the interaction with our service`s servers and the optimization of the plugin`s source code.

Final Words

We hope that the new version of Flow-Flow will not only be appreciated bu you, but will allow you to improve the behavioral indicators of visitors on your WordPress website or blog. Lots of interesting updates have been introduced, while others are waiting for their turn in the new updates!

Stay with us to consistently enjoy the best service for building social streams on you WordPress site or blog!

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