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Flow-Flow 3.1: Brand New Lightbox, Inclusion Filters and More

We are extremely excited to present you the new version of Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin! Our main product is rapidly reaching the 10,000 sales milestone and we are immensely grateful for your support and active participation in the process of Flow-Flow`s development. Lots of our users have already took part in the short interview about the further development of this unique WordPress tool for social streaming. If you have not yet gave your opinion, than take a few minutes to fill the simple form. We will certainly consider every given opinion to build our roadmap of Flow-Flow`s evolution.

From the time of the last major update (3.0) we have gathered a huge amount of your feedback and tried to ensure the presence of all needed features in our new step to perfect social streaming experience for every WordPress administrator and each WordPress user. Today we reveal the Flow-Flow 3.1.0 update and are glad that we could make it with your active advice.

We will consider all the new features in details. Some of them can be seen with the naked eye, but other are hidden under the hood of backend development features. The great news are about the main core, which was optimized for further fast development of all Social Streaming Apps — both existing and yet only planned to be released. Stay in touch to observe new features and whole plugins from Social Stream Apps team!

And now let us pay attention to the new Flow-Flow 3.1.0 features for your WordPress social streams.

Improved Lightbox

Comments right into the lightbox for your social stream posts are coming to Flow-Flow! This feature was frequently asked by our users and we are glad to provide it now. You can also check out this amazing feature in Grace Instagram Feed Gallery. Comments are available for every social network that supports the work with corresponding API (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Google+.)

Lightbox comments can provide much better interaction of your visitors with the stream and the WordPress website. This feature also significantly boosts the time visitors spend on your site and their degree of involvement into the social content.

The other long-awaited feature provides the possibility to display comments from WordPress posts to our new lightbox. So, the updated lightbox becomes a really versatile tool for attracting your visitors attention and keeping it for a long period of time. Furthermore, your WordPress social wall becomes more and more useful as a sharing tool, which provides additional comfort for your users.

The updated lightbox now also provide a stunning opportunity to show Instagram Carousel posts, as well as Facebook and Twitter posts with multiple pictures, which are trended as one of the most interesting and involving features of the modern Instagram.

The design of the lightbox has been also updated. All important information about social activities for the certain post is now available on the upper part of the lightbox. You can see the callout button that links a user with the original post in a matter of one click. The resharing feature inside the lightbox was enhanced. Observe all this innovations right inside the Flow-Flow demo page!

Load More Posts!

Previously you can experience a slightly annoying problem with adding only 20 posts for a new feed into your social stream. In this case, social streams can look a bit unfinished until the new portions of posts arrived. Now “the problem of the new feed” is solved through the increasing number of the first-portion loaded posts to 50 for each feed recently added or updated in Flow-Flow. For the following feed updates, the 20 posts restriction remains as it was earlier. This feature is also very important for the moderated feeds. Note, that this option will not work with RSS, Flickr, Pinterest and Vimeo feeds due to technical reasons or API restrictions.

The increased number of loaded posts adds some additional pressure to our applications, but we can deal with it for the sake of your comfort and for the awesomeness of your social streams! Please, contact us to deliver your feedback about this feature and how do you like it.

Improved Backend Filtering for Content

The automatic filtering of the content for your social feeds was previously provided by the excluding rules for inappropriate words, phrases, URLs or social accounts. And we are happy to announce that inclusion rules have been added in the recent update! And the great thing is that you can mix both types of rules together to create any kind of advanced custom rules you need.

The automatic filtering options by excluding and including a certain content can be easily found in the list of your feeds (see the manual for more information).

Better Frontend Content Sorting

Frontend filtering option for your social stream users has been also upgraded. Now every user can see the count for posts in a certain feed while hovering the button of this social feed. This is an additional opportunity to quickly estimate each feed before actually sorting the stream.

The frontend sorting also becomes really mobile responsive now — users of the mobile devices will now see the filters in a dropdown menu, which is much more comfortable to interact!


Flow-Flow Social Streams plugin becomes more and more helpful for your WordPress website or blog. Social activities can not be further ignored, that is why we provide the most versatile features in the most user-friendly interface for WordPress administrator to use it for the sake of his site development as a modern and interesting projects.

And we want to give the well-deserved thanks to all our users, who took part in the development of Flow-Flow Social Streams buy taking part in important interviews and sending the priceless feedback to our support team. Do not hesitate to contact as any time further, when you have any ideas or suggestions. We hope that you are also looking forward for a new updates and new experience in perfect social streaming with Flow-Flow!

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